Girls Junior Varsity Tennis, Girls Varsity Tennis · Tennis Vs Kearney Catholic

Kearney Catholic 8, Adams Central 1

1 Sasha Richards defeated Ashley Waggoner 8-6
2 Regan Thomas lost to Liza Trettel 2=8
3 Merci Hood lost to Brooke Eschenbrenner 0-8
4 Sadie Carpenter lost to Emily  Saadi  0-8
5 Kara Buss lost to Bree Brandt 3-8
6 Beth Gill lost to Katherine Graham  3-8
1 Regan Thomas and Sadie Carpenter lost to Brooke Eschenbrenner and Lizza Trettel 3-8
2 Sasha Richards and Merci Hood lost to Emily Saadi and Syd Conner 4 – 8
3 Beth Gill and Kara Buss lost to Katherine Graham and Ashley Waggoner 3 -8
Comments “It was great to get the season started. Even though we were defeated by a good team in Kearney Catholic, our players never quit and competed hard every point even though we were behind on the scoreboard in almost every match.
“The score may not indicate our performance but I am certainly not disappointed in our play. It was a good starting-point for us.”
Next match: @ York Invite on Wednesday, March 27th.